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Ammann, J. & Berthold, A. (2023). Temporary differences in pathogen disgust sensitivity and the perception of crowded spaces. Personality and Individual Differences, 201, No. 111928.

Bearth, A., Berthold, A. & Siegrist, M. (2022). People's perceptions of, willingness-to-take preventive remedies and their willingness-to-vaccinate during times of heightened health threats. PLoS ONE, 17(2), No. e0263351.

Berthold, A., Cologna, V. & Siegrist, M. (2022). The influence of scarcity perception on people's pro-environmental behavior and their readiness to accept new sustainable technologies. Ecological Economics, 196, No. 107399.

Cologna, V., Baumberger, C., Knutti, R., Oreskes, N. & Berthold, A. (2022). The communication of value judgements and its effects on climate scientists' perceived trustworthiness. Environmental Communication, 16(8), 1094-1107.

Cologna, V., Berthold, A. & Siegrist, M. (2022). Knowledge, perceived potential and trust as determinants of low- and high-impact pro-environmental behaviours. Journal of Environmental Psychology, 79, No. 101741.

Kappner, N., Lang, J., Berthold, A. & Gaum, P. M. (2022). The moderating effect of social resources on the link between study-related stressors and depressive symptoms among medical students in North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany - A cross-sectional study. BMC Psychiatry, 22(1), No. 524.

Dihr, M., Berthold, A., Siegrist, M. & Sütterlin, B. (2021). Consumers' knowledge gain through a cross-category environmental label. Journal of Cleaner Production, 319, No. 128688.

Berthold, A., Steffens, M. C. & Mummendey, A. (2019). What did they say? How subgroup stereotypes influence memory for superordinate groups. Journal of Experimental Social Psychology, 83, 23-36.

Berthold, A., Reese, G. & Martin, J. (2017). The effect of red color on perceived self-attractiveness. European Journal of Social Psychology, 47(5), 645-652.

Berthold, A. & Blank, H. (2016). Memory distortion and attitude change-Two routes to cognitive balance. European Journal of Social Psychology, 46(2), 198-208.

Reese, G., Berthold, A. & Steffens, M. C. (2016). As high as it gets: Ingroup projection processes in the superordinate group humans. International Journal of Intercultural Relations, 50, 39-49.

Hellmann, J. H., Berthold, A., Rees, J. H. & Hellmann, D. F. (2015). "A letter for Dr. Outgroup": On the effects of an indicator of competence and chances for altruism toward a member of a stigmatized out-group. Frontiers in Psychology (Online Journal), 6, No. 1422.

Berthold, A. & Ruch, W. (2014). Satisfaction with life and character strengths of non-religious and religious people: It's practicing one's religion that makes the difference. Frontiers in Psychology (Online Journal), 5, No. 876.

Ehrke, F., Berthold, A. & Steffens, M. C. (2014). How diversity training can change attitudes: Increasing perceived complexity of superordinate groups to improve intergroup relations. Journal of Experimental Social Psychology, 53, 193-206.

Berthold, A., Leicht, C., Methner, N. & Gaum, P. (2013). Seeing the world with the eyes of the outgroup - The impact of perspective taking on the prototypicality of the ingroup relative to the outgroup. Journal Of Experimental Social Psychology, 49(6), 1034-1041.

Berthold, A., Mummendey, A., Kessler, T., Luecke, B. & Schubert, T. (2012). When different means bad or merely worse. How minimal and maximal goals affect ingroup projection and outgroup attitudes. European Journal of Social Psychology, 42(6), 682-690.

Reese, G., Berthold, A. & Steffens, M. C. (2012). We are the world - And they are not: Prototypicality for the world community, legitimacy, and responses to global inequality. Political Psychology, 33(5), 683-700.

Kessler, T., Neumann, J., Mummendey, A., Berthold, A., Schubert, T. & Waldzus, S. (2010). How do we assign punishment? The impact of minimal and maximal standards on the evaluation of deviants. Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin, 36(9), 1213-1224.

Berthold, A. (2009). Perceiving and remembering social groups: Ingroup projection, goal types, and memory distortions. Dissertation, Universität, Fakultät für Sozial- und Verhaltenswissenschaften, Jena.

Berthold, A., Mummendey, A., Kessler, T., Luecke, B. & Schubert, T. (2008). "In" or "Out"? The Impact of minimal and maximal goal orientations on reactions towards norm deviants. International Journal of Psychology, 43(3-4), 666.

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