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Literaturliste von Dr. Batur Burcu Demiray

letzte Aktualisierung: 24.09.2019

Hernández, N., Arnrich, B., Favela, J., Ersoy, C., Demiray, B. & Fontecha, J. (2019). A multi-site study on walkability, data sharing and privacy perception using mobile sensing data gathered from the m(k)-sense platform. Journal of Ambient Intelligence and Humanized Computing, 10(6), 2199-2211.

Demiray, B. & Freund, A. M. (2015). Michael Jackson, Bin Laden and I: Functions of positive and negative, public and private flashbulb memories. Memory, 23(4), 1-20.

Demiray, B. & Janssen, S. M. J. (2015). The self-enhancement function of autobiographical memory. Applied Cognitive Psychology, 29(1), 49-60.

Maki, Y., Kawasaki, Y., Demiray, B. & Janssen, S. M. J. (2015). Autobiographical memory functions in young Japanese men and women. Memory, 23(1), 11-24.

Demiray, B. & Bluck, S. (2014). Time since birth and time left to live: Opposing forces in constructing psychological well-being. Ageing and Society, 34(7), 1193-1218.

Demiray, B. & Bluck, S. (2011). Relation of the conceptual self to recent and distant autobiographical memories. Memory, 19(8), 975-992.

Bluck, S., Alea, N. & Demiray, B. (2010). You get what you need: The psychosocial functions of remembering. In J. Mace (Ed.), The act of remembering: Toward an understanding of how we recall the past (pp. 284-307). UK: Blackwell Publishing Ltd.

Demiray, B., Gülgöz, S. & Bluck, S. (2009). Examining the life story account of the reminiscence bump: Why we remember more from young adulthood. Memory, 17(7), 708-723.

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