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Deuter, C. E., Wingenfeld, K., Schultebraucks, K., Otte, C. & Kuehl, L. K. (2019). Influence of glucocorticoid and mineralocorticoid receptor stimulation on task switching. Hormones and Behavior, 109, 18-24.

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Kuehl, L. K., Deuter, C. E., Richter, S., Schulz, A., Rüddel, H. & Schächinger, H. (2015). Two separable mechanisms are responsible for mental stress effects on high frequency heart rate variability: An intra-individual approach in a healthy and a diabetic sample. International Journal of Psychophysiology, 95(3), 299-303.

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Schilling, T. M., Larra, M. F., Deuter, C. E., Blumenthal, T. D. & Schächinger, H. (2014). Rapid cortisol enhancement of psychomotor and startle reactions to side-congruent stimuli in a focused cross-modal choice reaction time paradigm. European Neuropsychopharmacology, 24(11), 1828-1835.

Deuter, C. E., Schilling, T. M., Kuehl, L. K., Blumenthal, T. D. & Schachinger, H. (2013). Startle effects on saccadic responses to emotional target stimuli. Psychophysiology, 50(10), 1056-1063.

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Lass-Hennemann, J., Deuter, C. E., Kuehl, L. K., Schulz, A., Blumenthal, T. D. & Schachinger, H. (2010). Effects of stress on human mating preferences: Stressed individuals prefer dissimilar mates. Proceedings of the Royal Society of London - B, 277(1691), 2175-2183.

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